We all want to go to work with a smile on our faces. And that’s certainly achievable when you enjoy what you do. But perhaps you don’t have a job, you’re not particularly skilled in your current role, or you’d prefer to take a different path.

We go the extra mile to help you find work, excel at it, and find enjoyment in it, or even start your own business. You can choose from six services, which you’ll find below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then we’ll tailor it to your needs!

  1. Outplacement process

    Outplacement process

    You and your employer are parting ways, for whatever reason. You want to search for a new role, but you..

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  2. Career counselling

    Career counselling

    What can or do I really want? How can I make the most out of my job? How do I..

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  3. LinkedIn Training

    LinkedIn Training

    10 million Dutch people have a LinkedIn account, and with a workforce of 9.3 million individuals, we have the highest..

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  4. Coaching on the job

    Coaching on the job

    You want to work more effectively and with greater pleasure. You want to further develop your existing qualities or tap..

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