Outplacement process

You and your employer are parting ways, for whatever reason. You want to search for a new role, but you don’t know what or how? Most likely, your employer has offered you a severance package or compensation for an outplacement process, and now you are exploring options, looking for a company that can assist you in finding new employment. Alternatively, you may have taken the initiative to explore this on your own.

Whether you want to make a career change or continue in the same profession, with our results-oriented approach and personal involvement, 90% of our clients finds work. We don’t just support you during the process but also afterwards!

Outplacement process

Our outplacement process

With each of us having our own expertise, we help you clarify what you want and how to achieve it. We understand if you need time to let go of your current job. And are then ready to energetically help you find new employment. And you will!

Through coaching sessions, access to our online portal with assessments, a career possibilities explorer, a vacancy and knowledge database, we optimize your job applications and help you make the most of LinkedIn. Naturally, we offer you our network and unwavering support.

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The connection with both gentlemen was immediate, and the right direction for my career was clear shortly after! Additionally, top-notch guidance on LinkedIn, so I could be found by recruiters in no time and could also find the right people and companies myself.
Fransje ter Doest, Tilburg
Outplacement process

What are we going to deliver:

The outcome of our efforts is…employment. In fact, we help you with more than just finding a new job. With what you learn finding work in the future will be a breeze. You’ll know what you want from your work and what you bring your employer as a professional. You’ll learn to identify opportunities in the labour market. Your network will grow because you’ll be visible and ‘findable’ online. You’ll be able to create a powerful CV and compelling motivation so that you can confidently sit down with employers.

We go all out so you can give your career a fresh and soaring (re)start.

Outplacement process

Would you like to get started?

Our expertise and enthusiasm are not in doubt. In our view, it’s all about the right connection! In a non-binding and cost-free intake meeting, you’ll find out if we’re the right fit for you.

And if we can’t assist you, we’ll be honest about it. You’ll always receive advice from us. So don’t hesitate to call, message, or email.

Practical matters regarding the outplacement process

An intake is non-binding and free of charge. The cost of a complete outplacement process, covered by your (former) employer, ranges between €3,350 and €4,500, excluding 21% VAT. We are happy to provide you with a customized quote.

Avoid VAT and additional income tax. If you choose to receive a severance payment and later decide on a from-work-to-work trajectory, you’ll be short-changing yourself. You’ll pay income tax on the severance payment and VAT on the coaching-process. An employer, on the other hand,  can offset the VAT.

We work discreetly and confidentially, as required by the professional associations and the AVG. But that we simply call ‘human decency.’ That’s also how our money-back guarantee works. If we, against all odds, haven’t done our job well or you achieve your goal sooner, we’ll give you a refund.

We are here for you on weekdays, in the evenings, and online, even on weekends, if necessary.

Outplacement process
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