LinkedIn Training

10 million Dutch people have a LinkedIn account, and with a workforce of 9.3 million individuals, we have the highest participation rate in the world. It’s not a matter of whether, but how you can use LinkedIn to achieve your goals and penetrate your market. Whether it’s finding a new job, new clients, or new employees, we can assist you in this through LinkedIn training.

No matter what you want to achieve, our expertise lies in three main areas: job seekers, sales & marketing (sales and lead generation), and HR.

LinkedIn courses

With our four programs – ‘Customers,’ ‘Employees,’ ‘Jobs,’ and ‘Marketing,’ you’ll get to know the ins and outs. So, it’s easy to choose. Your question determines the content, location, duration, and also the investment. Please contact us for a more detailed introduction or a quote for LinkedIn training or a LinkedIn workshop from our LinkedIn coach par excellence, Elton Backx.

Open LinkedIn training

Are you familiar with our Open LinkedIn Training? Especially designed for professionals and job seekers looking for the next step and self-employed professionals seeking customers and projects. Learn more, sign up easily, and discover how to make LinkedIn work for you.

The Shift from Offline to Online
From (purely) offline visibility to (fully) online visibility. A shift we couldn't have made without Elton's support!
Theo Heldens & Rik Boots, Partners Expense Reduction Analysts
LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn training for developing your customer base

Finding more customers through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to medium for businesses for developing their customer base.

You transition from a push to a pull strategy with social selling by building a community of prospects, customers, and company ambassadors. You identify your current and potential customers, connect with them, and find out what constitutes relevant and valuable content. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that customers know about your services and added value. Leveraging LinkedIn is the new way of marketing and sales! LinkedIn coach Elton will guide you through all the ins and outs!

  • Making your profile appealing to prospects
  • Learn how to search for potential customers with a free LinkedIn account
  • Build a substantial reach quickly (organically and/or promoted)
  • Involve your ambassadors, existing customers or employees in effectively promoting your company
  • Create 'reason to follow' content, plan and post strategically
  • Highlight your company page and create a community
  • Options: strategy session, guest speaker session, inspiration session, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn coaching (also in-company), LinkedIn workshop
  • If you want to quickly bring your product or service to your ideal customer, LinkedIn Campaign Manager is the tool for you. Learn more about our 'Marketing' program here

LinkedIn training: Finding employees

Finding and attracting new employees

Filling job vacancies, approached differently! More effectively, efficiently, proactively and easily.

Especially in today’s labour market, it’s crucial to attract the right professionals to your organization, even before they’re actively seeking a new opportunity. Proper social recruiters find and connect with (future) professionals by efficiently promoting job openings. After this LinkedIn training for businesses, you’ll understand how to use LinkedIn for networking and recruiting, gain insights into the labour market and proactively engage with this market. Of course, employer branding is part of this. This is how you find your job applicants in this era!

  • Explore the market online and connect with interesting professionals
  • Leverage advanced search filters with your current account
  • Learn how a premium account can benefit your organization
  • Proactively approach candidates with the right message
  • Establish your organization's presence with employer branding
  • Options: LinkedIn training, LinkedIn coaching, LinkedIn workshop (also in-company)
  • Want to fill vacancies with sponsored posts? Get job openings in front of (latent) job seekers. Learn more about our 'Marketing' program here

LinkedIn training: Job Seeking

I'm looking for a new position

Looking for a new position? Want to know why using LinkedIn in your job search is effective? And do you want to proactively create opportunities for yourself and be discovered by potential employers and recruiters?

There are a lot of  (hidden) job vacancies, and there are ways to make it easier to find a job at your dream company. During this training or coaching, we’ll get practical with using LinkedIn to your advantage. After this course or coaching, you’ll know why you should use LinkedIn!

  • Increase your technical visibility
  • Make your profile distinctive and appealing
  • Create high-quality job alerts
  • Find and approach recruiters the right way
  • Identify potential employers with a premium account
  • Positively influence your ambassadors online
  • Options: online or offline, coaching and training (also in-company)
…op een andere manier leren kijken…
Door de professionele en inspirerende samenwerking met Elton hebben wij op een andere manier leren kijken naar ons bedrijf en ondervonden hoe social media, zoals LinkedIn, ons kan ondersteunen bij de groei van ons bedrijf.
Rob Brökling, Comminz
LinkedIn Training


Sponsored posts through LinkedIn campaign manager

To quickly reach the right audience, sponsored posts in the LinkedIn feed are an excellent tool.

Setting up a targeted promoted campaign on LinkedIn aims to generate leads or recruit new colleagues for your organization. After the marketeer has designed the advertisement or lead plan, we can get cracking.

We will configure the campaign together, activate it and you can monitor the results. It’s always possible to adjust, fine-tune or stop the campaign. But first, let’s set it up! You will be coached through a detailed campaign plan, including the following steps:

  • Determine the right ad format for your goal
  • Set up a detailed target group
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Align expected reach
  • Set ad budgets
  • Create and place ads
LinkedIn Training

Introducing: LinkedIn coach Elton Backx

When you say LinkedIn, you say Elton! He is actively engaged on LinkedIn daily and believes in its proven possibilities. But he also enjoys sharing his knowledge during LinkedIn training and coaching. With his expertise, experience, enthusiasm and training skills, he can advise and inspire you in finding work, sales and marketing and employer branding. LinkedIn holds no secrets for him, and after attending one of his training sessions, workshops, or LinkedIn coaching sessions, it won’t for you either. Haven’t connected with him yet? Make a connection quickly, and the first step is already taken!

LinkedIn Training for Businesses

LinkedIn is a highly interesting platform for businesses in multiple ways. It’s valuable for finding and attracting new employees (employer branding) as well as new customers. During the LinkedIn training for businesses, LinkedIn Coach Elton will guide you through the possibilities. You’ll learn how to proactively engage with both potential job seekers and customers in your market. The LinkedIn training for businesses is practical, and you’ll start working towards your goals during the training.

LinkedIn Training
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